Sapphics in LGBT+

this is an informational carrd about what sapphics are in the lgbt+ community.
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Sapphics in LGBT+

What is the definition of Sapphic/Sapphicism?

With a simple google search, Sapphic is defined as this:
Sapphic (adj): relating to lesbians or lesbianism

In the LGBT+ community, this means that Sapphic refers to any woman or woman-aligned person loving another woman. This is also an umbrella term. I myself am a bisexual woman, so I am a sapphic because I am sexually attracted to women.

Sapphics in LGBT+

So, isn't a sapphic just another name for a lesbian?

As you see in the definition, "relating to lesbians or lesbianism"
Let's talk about the definition of "lesbianism" and "lesbian"

Lesbianism is defined as having sexual attraction or intercourse with a woman as a woman/woman-aligned person. This isn't specific to just homosexual women.

Lesbian, however, is defined as a homosexual woman; women or women aligned people who only love women period.

So, Sapphic is relating to either lesbians, or people who are sexually attracted to women and are women aligned. All lesbians are sapphics, but not all sapphics are lesbians.

bisexual lesbians and pansexual lesbians invalidate the lesbian, bi, and pan communities because of this misinformation.
THEY ARE DIFFERENT SEXUALITIES; YOU CANNOT IDENTIFY WITH TWO AT THE SAME TIME. It's very invalidating and disrespectful to those communities. If you are questioning your sexuality and don't know if you're bi OR lesbian, you can say you're sapphic! It's a general term and does not invalidate others.

Sapphics in LGBT+

Okay, so what sexualities and genders apart of Sapphicism?

Any gender identity is generally able to be a sapphic as long as they are woman or woman-aligned. Remember, pronouns do not equal gender.
Nonbinary people can be sapphics as long as they align more with a woman identity.

Pretty much all of LGBT+ sexualities can be considered sapphic, as long as it is a woman/woman aligned person sexually attracted to another woman. Obviously, heterosexuality, strict ace & aro, and many other forms of sexuality may not fit this label.

So, you can have a bisexual sapphic, or a pansexual sapphic, lesbian sapphic, etc.
Remember, however, you cannot be a bisexual lesbian, pansexual lesbian, or any other -sexual lesbian. Lesbian means homosexual woman.

Sapphics in LGBT+

So, can I just call myself sapphic?

Yeah! That's totally fine! It's very valid and if you don't like very defining labels and just want to try it out, sapphic is a safe option as long as you are wlw.

Sapphics in LGBT+

The End

Thank you for reading through this carrd and educating yourself on what it means to be sapphic. I know it's confusing, but I promise it's very simple once it's laid out in front of you and you begin to catch on.

love, ronnie x